Course Descriptions

We offer three training courses for starters (summarized in the table below) :

  1. Practitioner: learn how to use our methods in real situations (more info...)
  2. Consultant/Trainer: become qualified to teach and consult using our methods (more info...)
  3. Mediator: become qualified as a professional mediator with specialty in conflict in the workplace (more info...)

We can customize courses in conflict management and resolution for your individual needs. Our usual options are combinations of the four modules described below. To see more details about a module, click on its title.

The Modules

Now, here is how our standard courses go:

All participants are in the same room, regardless of their learning objectives. But each participant has a different packet of materials, selected to correspond to the objectives.

Everyone learns the same material at the same time; We just put the material common to all courses at the beginning, and continue in decreasing order of "commonality". So, as each person finishes their objectives, they finish the course.

Now, people do not leave in the middle of things. Participants stay either one day, two days or 5 days. The first day, we start with the Basic Knowledge Module. It is the basis for everything, so everyoe has to know it. Next, and also on Day 1, we move to Third-Party Mediation. This material is the next easiest to put into practice, in spite of being traditionally numbered "3".

The first two modules fill up the first day. Those who want to learn to use the method to resolve conflicts of other people stop there.

The second day, we do Self Mediation and finish with material essential to be certified to give our seminars in Conflict Resolution to companies and individuals. We must emphasize here that this certification is only as a trainer in our method. Our method uses the techniques of the professional mediator to resolve conflicts, but it does not include the interventions of the professional mediator.

At the end of day 2, you are still not qualified as a professional mediator.

Those desiring to exercise mediation as their profession must finish the entire 5 days and take an examination.

Below is the table that we showed on the welcome page. I hope it is more clear now what your options are.

If you have any questions, Contact Me, Please!

Participant Modules/Training Purpose
1.Basics + any combo of:
3.Third party mediation, or

learn and apply
Consultant/Trainer All of:
3.Third party mediation

Plus: book, exam
learn, apply, teach
Mediator All of:
3.Third party mediation

Plus: book, exam
Plus: 3 day specialization
learn, apply, teach, mediate

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