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Mediation Training Institute International (MTI) is the world leader in training and certification of conflict management in the workplace. (Check out today's ranking in Google and Yahoo!.)

Certified by Mediation Training Institute International

The objective of the Mediation Training Institute Certiifcation is :

"to train trainers, managers and other professionals
in the application of fundamental skills necessary
to avoid, manage or resolve conflict in the workplace."

These core competencies - Managerial Mediation and Self Mediation - form the foundation of strategic management of organizational conflict, which emphasizes prevention and early resolution of workplace conflict. The MTI Training System builds upon this foundation to "weave mediation into the fabric of organizations" - into its culture and its structure.

As a result, conference graduates (managers and professionals alike)) gain the skills and knowledge to go beyond mere training to create a "Mediating Organization" - one that optimizes the use of interest-based methods of managing differences, and minimizes the inappropriate use of power- and rights-based approaches.

Unlike other conflict training programs that focus solely on personal styles and individual-level skills, MTI's courses provide a practical, clear, blueprint for the prevention and early resolution of organizational conflict - review this strategic approach.

We invite you to visit the Conflict Management Toolbox to examine the The Dana Measure of Financial Cost of Organizational Conflict and The Dana Survey of Conflict Management Strategies. As a conference graduate, you will be able to use these on-line instruments for benchmarking and reassessment to demonstrate the cost-effectiveness of your programs and services. Use this formula to calculate your return-on-investment (ROI) in conflict management training.

Group size is typically limited to a total of 15 registrants, which ensures an intimate learning experience with plenty of opportunity for participation and individual attention. Below is a summary of track options:

Track 1:   Train-the-trainers SHRM seal of approval

For internal HRD and similar staff who wish to train members of their organizations in the core competencies for managing workplace conflict

For external consultants who wish to be certified to conduct the world's best conflict management training for their clients, to receive superb marketing support, and to qualify as a trainer subcontractor in MTI's corporate and government contracts.

All Track 1 registrants are automatically included in the network of International Registry of Associate Consultants of the HRD200 Consulting Group, LLC, a comprehensive outsource for organizational and human resource development.

Certificate: "Certified Trainer of Managing Workplace Conflict"

Track 2 :   Managers

For managers, supervisors, team leaders, and others who are responsible for the cooperative, productive work of others.

See this option for technical, administrative, and other non-supervisory personnel.

Certificate: "Certified Manager of Workplace Conflict"

Track 3 :   Professionals

For coaches, mediators, consultants, facilitators, human resource professionals, employee assistance (EAP) professionals, employee relations professionals, diversity specialists, labor union officials, attorneys, quality improvement specialists, realtors, law enforcement personnel, ombuds, college faculty, and other professionals who wish to enhance their ability to assist others when conflict arises.

Certificate: "Certified Professional in Managing Workplace Conflict"

Track 4 :   Refresher

For current Certified Trainers who wish to refresh their skills, receive the latest upgrades in presentation aids, and to network with their colleagues.

Certificate (renewed): "Certified Trainer of Managing Workplace Conflict"

Track 5 :   Invitation

For certain pre-qualified executives of corporate and government organizations who are invited to audit the training.

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