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Our Mission

The resolution of conflict. We provide the non-professional mediator (companies, other organisations, individuals), a set of tools of the professional mediator, accessible to anyone, tha allow you to resolve your conflicts. As the techniques of first aide can save a life, our techniques of non professional mediation can resolve the majority of conflicts. If not, then a professional mediator may be engaged.

We also offer certification courses for professional mediators with a specialization in Mediation of Workplace Conflict.

Here's what we do
  1. 1. Mediation of interpersonal conflict - we are professional mediators
  2. 2. Training in conflict resolution for the non-mediator . This training is for:
    • Companies - either management or employees or both
    • Facilitators who want to deliver training in our method
    • Individuals who simply want to manage and resolve conflict
  3. 3. Training of professional mediators, either as:
    • First-time certification as a mediator, or
    • Specialisation in workplace conflict for the already certified mediator

It is as simple as that!!

Our Courses
Participant Modules/Training Purpose
1.Basics + any combo of:
3.Third party mediation, or

learn and apply
Consultant/Trainer All of:
3.Third party mediation

Plus: book, exam
learn, apply, teach
Professional Mediator All of:
3.Third party mediation

Plus: book, exam
Plus: 3 day specialization
learn, apply, teach, mediate

Other goodies we offer (for free!!!)

Go to the toolboxToolbox for Conflict Management
Free resources for the measurement and cost estimate of conflict in your organization
Get the Tools

And the final question that I always have --
How much is this going to cost me?

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