Mediators : Why get the certification
"Mediator of Workplace Conflict"?

Professsional meditors who are already certified may expand their services to clients with the MTI training programme.

How to show Added Value?

Those who help their work colleagues resolve conflict produce a return on investment that quickly surpasses the cost of professional mediation. The costs of conflict in the workplace are easy to show. Our MTI certified trainers have access and training in all of the MTI instruments for estimating cost of conflict (often invisible), evaluating the baseline culture and strategies of conflict and analysing the effet of the training in a post-survey. Here is a link to our "toolbox".

Why an additional certification for workplace conflict?

Workplace mediation differs from mediation as applied in the courts, communities, and other settings in six important ways:

These six key differences imply key differences in the style, method, and purpose of workplace mediation compared with other settings.

View the daily agenda and topic outline of MTI's Workplace Mediator Certification Course.

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