Conflict Management Toolbox
Measure the cost and forms of conflict in your organization
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  This page is the toolbox. What's in it?  
The Dana Measure of Financial Cost of Organizational Conflict
This eye-opening on-line calculator produces an estimate of the hidden financial cost of a specific conflict in your organization by evaluating nine cost factors.

The Dana Survey of Conflict Management Strategies
We have three variations on this theme:.
  • ✓First, we have an instrument that allows you to evaluate your own personal strategy for dealing with conflict.

  • ✓Second, we have a short form of the corporate survey. This instrument is only meant to give you an idea of what the full-blown survey is like. Nevertheless, you will have a good idea of how you, personally, evaluate your corporate culture (and your colleagues) with respect to conflict management.

  • ✓The third variation is the full-blown survey. We offer it in two forms: one that you may print, distribute, evaluate and interpret the results yourself. The other variation is our online, customized version that we do for you, with your cooperation on what supplementary information you would like to collect and analyse. We perform the analysis and provide a report. All for free!! To take advantage of this offer,
These instruments identify the blend of four conflict management strategies that are currently imbedded in the structure and culture of your organization.

Download the Interpretive Guide (will open in another tab/window) to help understand your results.

  How to use these tools?  

These on-line instruments may be used as benchmarking tools or for other organizational assessment purposes. These complimentary resources are of immediate practical value. They are not sales presentations. Why are they free? Once you recognize the cost and impact of mismanaged conflict on your organization, you will know where to turn to solve the problem:

Attend a two-day course for managers and other professionals (with train-the-trainer option) to gain the core competencies for managing workplace conflict.

Attend a five-day Mediator Certification Course to become an expert mediator of workplace conflict (for internal professionals and external consultants).

VERY IMPORTANT: If you think you may want to get the Mediation Certification, but are not sure, you may take the two-day course first and the last three days at a later date.

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